Friday, December 18, 2020

Interruptions . . .

Update: the new vehicle is here, a red Hyundai Venue SE, sitting in the garage until I can fathom more of the five books of ‘instructions & warranties’ that came with it! The gift of our two older vehicles—including title transfers and delivery—to two of Jim’s grandsons is complete. Our driveway no longer looks like the start of a used car lot.

    My writing time, once again, has been interrupted. This time by a December 14th five-hour evening visit to the local Emergency Room. Pain in the side. Intense. Diverticulitis? Nope. Not this time. Diagnosis: “Renal hemorrhage, left” (a ruptured cyst on my left kidney). Residual pain is ongoing since that day, as the blood from that cyst, thrown into the body cavity, makes its way out. “You should be fine,” the emergency doctors and nurses assured me. “You’ll have some discomfort there for a while.” They were correct. I see my Primary on Monday. The ‘good news’ from that visit was my tests for Covid-19 and Flu were negative!

    Book news: My eBook version of Diabetes by Marriage: A Memoir by Helen Gregory, will be available on for $1.99 on December 20, 21, and 22, 2020. You’ll find a direct link on my website at

 ~ Merry Christmas 2020 ~


Wednesday, December 2, 2020

No reading. No writing. No publishing.

 For nearly two weeks! Time off for Thanksgiving? No, time spent on prioritizing my To Do list, like 

 (1) searching the Internet for holistic methods of rebuilding my old, osteoporotic bones, 

(2) keeping up with my physical therapy exercises for same, 

(3) combing the Internet for reviews on a possible new vehicle . . . mine hits 28 years next month

(4) donating my good but seldom worn (some: never worn) clothing to a local shelter, and 

(5) ditto for my left-over pieces of fabric, assuming I can locate a quilting charity.  

(6) Lastly, discovering a worthy new home for my forty-two year old treasured accordion and its accessories     (which I believe I have done).    

The week past was mostly taken up with updating my high school class Website. Not done yet (many pages), but was surprised to find one page not tweaked since 2005! No doubt there are more to come.

Well . . . all that was more than you needed to know, and sounds to me now like a list of New Year’s resolutions! So, “Onward and Upward”, as C.S. Lewis once penned. I’m off to the north of the house, to the Cat Free Room where ironing and mending and sorting await. 


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Relearning Book Promotion

 Some doctoring and studying of late have drawn me away from blogging. If you’ve been reading my posts, then my apologies to you! I’m planning to run an Amazon promotion in December for my eBook, Diabetes by Marriage: A Memoir. For this, my first such promotion, I had to sign up for KDP Select (which I did not realize only ran for 90 days at a time, then you must renew. If you want to). And, you must not schedule a promotion until you have been enrolled in KDP Select for 30 days. SO: if I have done it correctly, my eBook price will reduce to $1.99 on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before Christmas.

Considering its content, I now see that my memoir might bring light to a husband with Type 1 brittle diabetes who really does not know, or understand, what his spouse goes through during one of his insulin reactions (insulin shock / hypoglycemic attack). I’ve a lot to learn about self-publishing now, so different from when I began in 1986! Until next post, I wish you all a Blessed Thanksgiving Day. 

~ heleng ~

Friday, October 30, 2020

My introduction to books . . .

At three years of age, my mother encouraged me to print words on paper, and introduced me to the magic of water colors. By age nine or ten, I was making little paper books and "teaching school" to the dolls sitting against the pillow on my bed. In elementary school, fiction stories for extra credit flowed from my pencils and in college, I researched and wrote my final term paper about Christmas in Sweden, earning a Grade A result.

In the mid-1980s, I revised that effort into my first self-published book-utilizing my typewriter, self-drawn line art illustrations and cut-and-paste methods for "How to make a Swedish Christmas!". Books that followed were "Finding & Keeping Customers, A Small Business Handbook", and "How to make Newsletters, Brochures, and Other Good Stuff without a Computer System". The latter reached number nine on Quality Books Top 40 list of sales to libraries, and served as an alternative "Pick of the Month" choice in the Writers Digest's Book Club catalog. Now, after years of office work and family care giving, I am revisiting my love of writing, artwork and self-publishing.  

A memoir of my nearly thirty years of marriage to an insulin-dependent, Type 1, brittle diabetic is complete (Diabetes by Marriage) and resting on (print and eBook).  This week, however, my efforts are focused on the redesign of my Website ... just about ready to upload!  Cheers!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

My First Post - Helen Ingeborg

 Words & Wishes . . . my first attempt to blog in probably a decade. This is, then, a test, a learning experience. Short, I know, but setup work done to this point, it's time for a break from this desktop computer screen!  

Interruptions . . .

Update: the new vehicle is here, a red Hyundai Venue SE, sitting in the garage until I can fathom more of the five books of ‘instructions &...