Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Relearning Book Promotion

 Some doctoring and studying of late have drawn me away from blogging. If you’ve been reading my posts, then my apologies to you! I’m planning to run an Amazon promotion in December for my eBook, Diabetes by Marriage: A Memoir. For this, my first such promotion, I had to sign up for KDP Select (which I did not realize only ran for 90 days at a time, then you must renew. If you want to). And, you must not schedule a promotion until you have been enrolled in KDP Select for 30 days. SO: if I have done it correctly, my eBook price will reduce to $1.99 on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before Christmas.

Considering its content, I now see that my memoir might bring light to a husband with Type 1 brittle diabetes who really does not know, or understand, what his spouse goes through during one of his insulin reactions (insulin shock / hypoglycemic attack). I’ve a lot to learn about self-publishing now, so different from when I began in 1986! Until next post, I wish you all a Blessed Thanksgiving Day. 

~ heleng ~

Catching Up with Life!

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