Wednesday, December 2, 2020

No reading. No writing. No publishing.

 For nearly two weeks! Time off for Thanksgiving? No, time spent on prioritizing my To Do list, like 

 (1) searching the Internet for holistic methods of rebuilding my old, osteoporotic bones, 

(2) keeping up with my physical therapy exercises for same, 

(3) combing the Internet for reviews on a possible new vehicle . . . mine hits 28 years next month

(4) donating my good but seldom worn (some: never worn) clothing to a local shelter, and 

(5) ditto for my left-over pieces of fabric, assuming I can locate a quilting charity.  

(6) Lastly, discovering a worthy new home for my forty-two year old treasured accordion and its accessories     (which I believe I have done).    

The week past was mostly taken up with updating my high school class Website. Not done yet (many pages), but was surprised to find one page not tweaked since 2005! No doubt there are more to come.

Well . . . all that was more than you needed to know, and sounds to me now like a list of New Year’s resolutions! So, “Onward and Upward”, as C.S. Lewis once penned. I’m off to the north of the house, to the Cat Free Room where ironing and mending and sorting await. 


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